Country Side

Are you already tired on your holiday of pushing by the astronomical clock for the fifth time, sitting in a crowded bus with the other thirty tourists of twenty different nationalities, or worrying that you will end up in the river because of the crowded Charles Bridge? Of course, we have a solution for you. There is nothing better than to sit in 30 degrees into the convertible and visit the picturesque chateaus and castles near Prague, interwoven with history and legends. Do you want to know where the most famous Czech King and Roman Emperor, Charles IV, was hiding his crown jewels? Where did he go to relax from his duties, power-hungry competitors and his four wives? Which beautiful spa towns did he found? You can do it all with a bottle of sparkling wine, chilled Czech beer and our convertible. You can easily and unmolested see the castles of Karlštejn, Konopiště, Křivoklát, Hluboká, the city of Český Krumlov or Karlovy Vary, you can go to a typical Old Czech restaurant, have a few glasses of beer, and you will experience unforgettable moments. All this and much more is available for you during the half-day or one-day trip with PRAGUE OLD TIME TOURS.

The Karlštejn castle

  • Romantic tour
  • Beautiful gothic castle
  • Professional commentary
  • 5h5900CZK
The Karlštejn castle
The Karlštejn castleBeautiful gothic castle

It is the most famous and the most popular trip for tourists here. This beautiful castle, in which our most glorious King Charles IV spent his free time, near Prague. In summer, it is a unique journey in a convertible through the Czech countryside, hills, meadows and fields that will lead us in there. Five-hour trip includes a ticket to the castle and according to your wishes there is an option to stop for a meal in a typical Czech restaurant.

Hluboká chateau
Hluboká chateauState chateau

Hluboká Chateau

  • A wonderful and extensive chateau
  • Stops for necessary snacks
  • Czech countryside
  • 12h7900CZK

One of the most beautiful chateaus in the Czech Republic is located about 150 kilometres south from Prague, and therefore it is ideal for a summer all-day trip. The construction of the chateau was started in the 13th century. Since then it belonged to several noble clans until it was built into today’s form by the Schwarzenbergs.

Konopiště castle

  • According to the model of the French forts
  • A significant aristocratic castle
  • A romantic neo-gothic building
  • 5h5900CZK
<strong>Konopiště castle</strong>
Konopiště castleA castle rebuilt into a chateau

This castle, built at the end of the 13th century, was the favourite seat of the aristocratic families as the Sternberks, Waldsteins, or Lobkowiczs. At the same time it was the last seat of Franz Ferdinand ´ Este. The castle, famous for its unique collection of historical weapons and an extensive collection of hunting trophies, is an ideal place for a five-hour trip.

Český Krumlov
Český KrumlovHistoric town

Český Krumlov

  • Wonderful historic city
  • The epoch-making architecture
  • Romantic trip
  • 12h9900CZK

A historic town, almost on the border with Austria, is proud of the unique historic centre registered in the UNESCO World Heritage site. This is a large castle complex, which ranks among the most beautiful cities in the Czech Republic, Europe and the world. There is also possibility of accommodation and coming back the next day.

Karlovy Vary

  • Significant spa town
  • Statutory town of West Bohemia
  • Rich history
  • 12h9900CZK
Karlovy Vary
Karlovy VaryTown

A historic spa town, close to the German border, was founded by Charles IV in the 14th century. In 1807 the production of liqueur Becherovka began in the town, and today it is also the centre of cinematography, thanks to the international Film Festival in Karlovy Vary. It is a city full of wonderful monuments, churches and the Mill Colonnade. It is a wonderful place to relax.