Wedding rides

Crisp suits, nice robes and polished shoes, nervous moms, refreshed dads, and the relaxed groom knows that in front of the house or the hotel there are the revamped convertibles, their drivers also dressed up and ready to take both the bride and the groom, or all wedding guests for the ceremony. And whether you tell your “Yes” or “No”, our drivers resolutely refuse the passers-by, and finally take you to the restaurant for the wedding feast. We have prepared four or seven-seat cars, so all, who want to enjoy the journey, will be heeded.

Wedding rides

  • Rides in a vintage car for wedding guests
  • Comfort of 50 years old cars
  • When ordering 2 or more cars, discount to 1,500 CZK/h..

Wedding ride in style

Forget about the polished posh cars and expensive limousines. Spend the last minutes of freedom as a gentleman alongside his upcoming lady inside the stylish veteran.

Memories of the wedding

We´ll take high-quality photos with our vehicles for you. So that you have something to remember.

What could you expect by wedding ride?

We´ll take you and your bride to the ceremony. You´ll enjoy the last minutes of freedom in style.
The first minutes after the wedding you´ll spend riding to the feast. Every cloud has a silver lining
We must not forget that your photographer wants to press the shutter release. You can take photos with the cars all day if you like.
When ordering 2 or more cars, discount to 1,500 CZK/h.

Do you want your wedding to be unique? Spend all your day riding in 50 years old veterans!